We offer systems to assess the dimensional properties of both natural and technical fibres. Natural fibres are assessed with the FDAS770 (Fibre Dimensional Analysis System) and technical fibres are assessed with the LDS0200 (Laser Diffraction System).

The FDAS770 is based on a Laser Scanning Micrometer, to allow accurate, non-contact dimensional measurement of fibres for the normalisation of mechanical (stress) data. It allows for cross-sectional area calculation, with fully automated fibre rotation and translation. Full data collection also allows for cross sectional profile shapes to be assessed.

FDAS770 Technical brochure

The LDS0200 is designed for direct, non-contact diameter measurements of small, opaque fibres. The measurement principle is based on laser diffraction which allows for diameter measurements down to a few microns. When the sample is placed in a laser beam, new sources of coherent light appear on each side of the filament, producing an interferometric fringe pattern. Deviation of these light rays is due to the material tangential effect. This diffraction pattern is directly correlated to a calibrated linearization to determine the samples diameter. The system is fully calibrated, temperature compensated and insensitive to vibrations due to the high speed scanning rate.

LEX/LDS Technical brochure

The DSM770 (Dynamic Swelling Module) measures the dynamic swelling of single fibres in water, interpreted as a swelling profile. The DSM770 is designed to be used in conjunction with our FDAS System range, either from new or as a flexible upgrade to existing systems to improve capability.

This flexibility means the DSM770 is capable of being configured to run dimensional analysis in a Dry or Wet state.

DSM770 Technical brochure