Dia-Stron at HairS’17 Conference – Dresden, Germany

Dia-Stron are pleased to be attending HairS’17 in Dresden, Germany, on 6th-8th September 2017. The event is a DWI-organised event to discuss the newest innovations in hair research and hair care science, and is one of the most regarded events in the industry. The emphasis will be on scientific aspects of hair, as this provides the basis of all new developments in the personal care industry. The event also acts as a unique platform for colleagues and experts to discuss their ongoing work. 150 international participants are expected to attend the lectures and table-top exhibition.

Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden

Lecture subjects will include hair follicle physiology, mechanical properties of hair fibre structural components, impact of hair care ingredients on hair performance and scientific insights in hair damaging insults such as oxidative or thermal treatments. Steve Bucknell and Yann Leray will be attending to contribute their expertise on hair fibre dimensional testing, including immersed mechanical measurements and dynamic swelling using the Dia-Stron FDAS770 (Fibre Dimensional Analysis System) and DSM770 (Dynamic Swelling Module) techniques.


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