Delivering Measurement Solutions



Dia-Stron offers three different systems uniquely designed for skin evaluation, to measure characteristics such as elasticity, firmness and translucency.

The Dermal Torque Meter (DTM310) is an industry-proven instrument for evaluating stratum corneum elasticity, hydration and frictional properties, typically supporting moisturisation and elasticity claims.


DTM310 Brochure

The Torsional Ballistomer (BLS780) utilises an impact method to measure skin firmness. It is non-gravity dependent, allowing access to small test sites such as around the eyes, and can evaluate anti-ageing products, cellulite, or the quality of wound and burn healing.

BLS780 Brochure

The Translucency Probe (TLS850) assesses how light interacts with the skin structure and pigmentation, absorption levels and sub-surface scattering phenomena. The TLS850 is not sensitive to any surface optical effects and measures how light is absorbed and scattered within the skin structure itself, and typically supports radiance and complexion claims.

TLS850 Brochure