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Carbon & Ceramic

Carbon and ceramic filaments have been used for decades to mechanically enhance the strength and elasticity of polymer based matrix plastics. Though carbon fibre alone is brittle, when fused with resins and adhesives it can form composite parts capable of outperforming traditional materials, such as steel, aluminium and plastic. Individual filaments are extremely fragile and therefore present a number of distinctive challenges regarding handling, manipulation and testing.

To combat the challenges of carbon and ceramic fibre testing, Dia-Stron has developed a number of unique methods for mounting and handling samples using plastic tabs. These tabs are compatible with all Dia-Stron testing modules, including our LDS0200 (Laser Diffraction System) dimensional system and LEX820 (Linear Extensometer). This instrument reduces external vibration whilst increasing data accuracy due to its non-contact direct method, essential when measuring samples on this scale.

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