Glass fibre presents a unique challenge when specifically focusing on dimensional measurement: transparency. The smoothness and regularity of the fibre surface also poses potential issues with mounting samples using adhesion. Our sample mounting tab method and dimensional/mechanical capabilities allow our systems to process glass filament samples to produce high quality data.

With the aim of increasing ease of use and accuracy of glass fibre testing, the Dia-Stron FDAS770 combined with our bespoke software for data interpretation allows for accurate and efficient measurement of single glass filaments, removing the initial problem posed by the transparency.

Also available is the LEX820, a high resolution extensometer designed especially for brittle filaments or fibres that fail at low strain values. At its core, a DC micro-drive delivers exceptionally smooth travel, combined with a high positional repeatability to acquire detailed stress/strain data. The LEX820 features a 20N S-beam load cell to capture force data and offers excellent linearity and low compliance.

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