Natural Fibres

Natural fibres vary in shape and size, occasionally featuring additional surface characteristics. This increased variability requires a different approach for dimensional and mechanical analysis to regular, repeatable fibres such as carbon.

The FDAS770, a non-contact direct diameter measurement system, utilises a high-frequency scanning laser, lending itself perfectly to irregular fibres whilst being insensitive to external vibration. Dia-Stron offers various sample mounting techniques which allow our systems to handle a wide range of sample variability, such as cotton, flax, bamboo, sisal, etc.

The LEX820 is a high resolution extensometer, designed especially for brittle filaments or fibres that fail at low strain values. At its core, a DC micro-drive delivers exceptionally smooth travel, combined with a high positional repeatability to acquire detailed stress/strain data. The LEX820 features a 20N S-beam load cell to capture force data and offers excellent linearity and low compliance.

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