The FBS900 fibre bending system can be used for measurements on single hair fibres, natural fibres and man-made fibres, and is ideal for evaluating short specimens or studying a different mode of deformation, other than tensile or torsion, in order to assess fibre mechanical anisotropy.

The FBS900 is based on the single cantilever method, where the fibre specimen is flexed against a pin and the bending force measured using a micro-balance as a function of deflection. This allows for the bending force and bending stress relaxation to be calculated, as well as the bending modulus (when combined with dimensional data). Fibre specimens can be rotated to enable bending measurements to be taken over a range of orientations.



The FBS900 module can be used in conjunction with the FDAS770 for dimensional measurements and integrated onto our ALS1500 automation platform, delivering high throughput testing with minimal user intervention.

Typical applications include:

  • Measuring how cuticle damage affects hair bending stiffness
  • Impact of styling products on fibre rigidity
  • Formulation development for mascaras (eyelashes) and shaving products (body hair)
  • Evaluating natural fibre bending properties as a function of rotation angles