Brass crimps – the go-to hair fibre mounting solution!

Dia-Stron’s brass crimps eradicate hair fibre slippage and vastly improve fibre alignment, which are paramount to repeatable, efficient and accurate testing.

The brass crimp is ideal for Dia-Stron tensile, dimensional and fatigue testing instruments

Developed in the early 1990s, our proprietary brass crimp design was the result of extensive research and testing in the search for a mounting solution for automating our first Miniature Tensile Tester. The crimps are lined with a PVC insert, which moulds to the hair fibre gripping it firmly despite the change in diameter as the fibre is pulled to breaking point. This makes them the ideal solution for all Dia-Stron systems where a destructive test of the sample is required.

The brass crimp opened the door to subsequent innovations in automation, such as the ALS1500 pick and place system, which transports samples between measurement modules on a single automated platform. Click here more information on tensile testing.