• Single fibre dimensional
  • Single fibre tensile
  • Tress testing

fibra.one is a multi-functional hair tress testing instrument designed with the user in mind! fibra.one showcases ergonomic design elements, integrated controls for a minimal footprint and our intuitive, application-led software – fibra.

The instrument can be loaded with multiple accessories; combing, 3-point bend, hair friction, curl compression, stress and tensile, expertly designed to make changing between samples and test methods quick and easy for the user, improving testing efficiency. Data can be generated to support a wide range of product claims, such as “detangling”, “hold”, “smoothness”, “softness” and “damage repair”. 

Key features:

  • One instrument, multiple measurement options
  • Quick-change accessories designed for an efficient workflow
  • Intuitive, application-led software

For more information on the accessories, test methods and claims supported, please review or download the fibra.one brochure. We also have a selection of videos featuring the fibra.one on our resources page.

The fibra.one is available as part of the Dia-Stron rental scheme and fibra.one testing is available in our Contract Testing laboratory.