• Single fibre tensile

The LEX820 is a high-resolution extensometer, developed for brittle fibres that fail at low strain values. The DC micrometer-drive delivers exceptionally smooth travel, combined with a high positional repeatability required to capture accurate strain data. The LEX820 is supplied with either a 20N or 2N load cell which measure force data with an excellent linearity and low compliance. The open frame design means that it can also be used in conjunction with techniques such as X-Ray diffraction or neutron scattering. Additional modules allow for wet tensile measurements and interfacial sheer stress measurements.

Key features:

  • Unique sample preparation method for repeatable sample mounting
  • Sample handling options available, including an automated option
  • Testing compatible with ISO 11566, JIS R 7601 and ASTM c1557 standards

To read about the benefits of Dia-Stron’s sample mounting technique and generating tensile data for carbon fibres using the LEX820, please see our Carbon Fibre Application Note. 

The LEX820 is also available for rental and Contract Testing studies.