• Single fibre dimensional
  • Single fibre tensile

The integration of the LEX820 Linear Extensometer and the LDS0200 Laser Diffraction System provides users with a single solution for dimensional and tensile measurements of single fibres and filaments.

Combined with Dia-Stron’s unique sample mounting and handling options, the LDS-LEX ensures accurate, repeatable data, and is perfectly suited to brittle fibres that fail at low strain values such as carbon and ceramic.

Key features:
• Combined dimensional and tensile testing for increased accuracy
• Unique sample preparation method for repeatable sample mounting
• Sample handling options available, including an automated option
• Testing compatible with ISO 11566, JIS R 7601 and ASTM c1557 standards

For more information on the LDS-LEX and our unique fibre mounting technique, please review or download the brochure or check out our Carbon Fibre Application Note.

Fibre testing services using the LDS-LEX are available through the Dia-Stron Contract Testing laboratory.