Delivering Measurement Solutions


Dia-Stron is the leading manufacturer of automated measurement systems for a wide range of fibres. We take pride in our unique and comprehensive approach to metrology, from design and development to production of complete scientific systems.

We provide measurement solutions for natural and man-made fibres, with a variety of uses ranging from hair and cosmetics testing to the assessment of carbon and composite filaments. We also offer contract testing services in our bespoke laboratory, utilising the latest Dia-Stron instrumentation and innovations.

Dia-Stron is a British company based in the United Kingdom with offices and manufacturing facilities in Andover, Hampshire.  We also have offices in the U.S.A. and a network of distributors across Asia, Europe and Latin America.  As a small company, the team is close-knit and capable of adapting to any queries raised by our customers.

In April 2016, Dia-Stron became part of the Judges Scientific PLC group, an AIM-listed company specialising in the design and production of scientific instruments.


Delivering Measurement Solutions