• Skin elasticity
  • Skin firmness

The Ballistometer (BLS) is based upon the traditional ballistometric principle of impacting an object at a constant force. This measures its firmness by indentation and dynamic resilience by the degree of rebound. The innovation in the Ballistometer arises from the inclusion of a torsional wire mechanism, which makes the instrument non-gravity dependant. The unique design allows the user to define the amount of energy put into the skin so that different layers may be studied.

Applications for the Ballistometer include supporting “elasticity”, “firmness”, “hydration”, “anti-ageing” and cellulite product claims, as well as evaluating medical conditions (schleroderma and oedema), quality of wound formation and burn/scar healing.

Key features:

  • Works at any angle, non-gravity dependant
  • Measures small, inaccessible test sites
  • Testing consistency using the optional parallel support arm

For more information on the Ballistometer, please review or download the brochure. The Ballistometer is also available as part of the Dia-Stron rental scheme.