• Single fibre bending

The FBS900 fibre bending system can be used for measurements on single hair fibres, natural fibres and synthetic fibres, and is ideal for evaluating short specimens or studying a different mode of deformation, other than tensile or torsion, in order to assess fibre mechanical anisotropy. The FBS900 is suited to hair applications, including measuring how cuticle damage affects hair bending stiffness, the impact of styling products on fibre rigidity and formulation development for mascaras (eyelashes) and shaving products (body hair), as well as evaluating the bending properties of natural and synthetic fibres.

Key features:

• Sample rotation enables measurements over a range of orientations
• Measurement accuracy to better than 1mg
• High throughput testing and multi-test capability with the ALS1500
• High capacity: 50 fibre linear cassette, up to 4 cassettes in a cassette hotel

For more information on FBS900 applications, example data and references, please review or download the FBS900 brochure. Single fibre bending testing is also available from our Contract Testing laboratory.