Delivering Measurement Solutions


Delivering Measurement Solutions

Dia-Stron is the leading manufacturer of testing instrumentation for single fibres and filaments. We offer a wide array of modular testing systems, providing superior data quality and outstanding productivity, and take pride in delivering a measurement solution that is right for you. Our expertise lies in the robotic automation of our equipment, dramatically increasing throughput, capacity and time efficiency.

Dia-Stron is based in the United Kingdom with offices and manufacturing facilities in Andover, Hampshire. We also have offices in the U.S.A. and a network of distributors across Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Comprehensive Instrumentation

Dia-Stron offers an extensive range of instrumentation covering all aspects of fibre measurement. Our systems are capable of single hair fibre testing, entire hair tresses, or technical fibres including natural, man-made and composite filaments. Whatever type of fibre testing you are looking to perform - fibre bending, fibre cyclic, tensile, fatigue or torsion - our range of fibre testing instrumentation is broad enough to provide a solution. Please get in touch for more information!

Results That Enhance Your Innovations

Our systems are trusted by customers worldwide, giving accurate and insightful data, both for publications and supporting R&D innovations. We also offer contract testing services in the UK for all types of fibres; we can cater for studies of all sizes and provide extremely short turnaround times. See how we can help by getting in touch now!

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