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Dia-Stron are the leading manufacturer of automated measurement systems for single fibres and filaments, ranging from single hair fibres and hair tresses to natural and synthetic fibres. We have a unique and comprehensive approach to metrology, from design and development to production of complete scientific systems.

Dia-Stron are based in the United Kingdom with offices and manufacturing facilities in Andover, Hampshire. We also have offices in the USA and a network of distributors across Asia, Europe and Latin America.

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Comprehensive Instrumentation

We offer a wide array of modular testing systems, providing superior data quality and outstanding productivity, and take pride in delivering measurement solutions that are right for you. Our expertise lies in the automation of our equipment, dramatically increasing throughput, capacity and time efficiency.

Whatever type of fibre measurement you are looking to perform – tensile, dimensional, fatigue, bending or torsion – as well as hair tress and skin testing, our range of instrumentation is broad enough to provide a solution. Please get in touch for more information!

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“I have personally worked with Dia-Stron for nearly 20 years and have always found them to be extremely helpful and professional. Their technical knowledge on all aspects of hair testing is world-leading, which is invaluable to us in setting up our own testing facilities and something we are continually learning from. I look forward to working with them for the next 20 years!"
Roxanne Smith, Personal Care R&D Manager, KCC Basildon
Hair Care
"As a scientist in the field of carbon fibre development, the automated LEX/LDS single fibre tensile tester from Dia-Stron is an indispensable tool in my research. Its reliability, user friendliness and high testing capacity provides me with accurate data in a short time and assists my daily work. After performing over 15,000 tensile tests, the equipment is still working perfect - that is what I call reliability!"
Andreas Bengtsson, Lic. Eng. and MSc., RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Carbon Fibre
"Single fibre tensile testing was something we needed for a number of recycling research programmes at the NCC. Testing services offered by Dia-Stron proved to save us a lot of time and allowed us to focus on other aspects of the projects. Reports were always delivered in time and contained a thorough statistical analysis. Working with Dia-Stron has been a pleasure - their customer service is excellent, they are always transparent and super-helpful!"
Aleksandra Kosciuch, National Composites Centre
Contract Testing
"We are always looking for good partners who can assist (with) claim support. In this regard Dia-Stron have been outstanding. They’re experts in how to get the best out of the testing equipment they manufacture and their testing lab have always been so helpful in designing studies to optimise performance. They always go the extra mile to ensure we test our products to their full potential which is so helpful when claims substantiation is such a critical part of modern product development."
Robin Parker, R&D Director, THG LABS
Claims Support
"We use the MTT175 for most of our haircare testing on shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and hair oils, to measure the smoothness of hair. We heavily use the MTT175 to give us robust data, especially as we conduct independent product reviews. The Dia-Stron team have a great depth of knowledge in hair science and have shown great expertise in their field. They have been great at trouble shooting and providing expert advice, and I look forward to working more with them in the future.”
Pauline Hui, Beauty and Grooming Testing Manager, Good Housekeeping UK
Tress Testing
Hair Care Carbon Fibre Contract Testing Claims Support Tress Testing

In-house expertise

Enhance your innovations

Dia-Stron Contract Testing studies are trusted by customers worldwide, generating globally-respected data to support R&D innovations, product claims and publications. Our dedicated UK laboratory provides a wide range of  fibre testing services, using methodologies developed by experts with a wealth of practical experience in fibre metrology. Our timescales are extremely competitive, contact us today for a bespoke quotation and lead time!

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