Case Study – Greengredients

Greengredients® is an R&D company developing vegetal active and functional ingredients for the Beauty Industry. Our primary objective is to invent new innovative products and processes, aiming to achieve exceptional sensoriality and performance while minimizing environmental impact and eliminating the use of harmful substances.

Dia-Stron is the benchmark when it comes to fibre testing. We believe in the efficacy of our actives for hair care, and we want our customers to have reliable results on which to base their developments. Looking for new tests to run, we discovered the Contract Testing Services on the Dia-Stron website and contacted them.

Our project goal was to prove the efficacy of our products, of which we are very proud. We wanted to highlight the improvement in hair fibre resistance achieved by our latest development GREENPLEX, a bond-repairing complex. We weren’t convinced that breakage was the best test to highlight our product’s efficacy, but something more specific was needed.

The Dia-Stron Contract Testing team, particularly Dr Rebecca Lunn, assisted us with all the tests. They helped us with every step in planning the experiments and optimizing the experimental procedures to achieve better results. Rebecca proposed testing our product using cyclic fatigue, increasing hair fibre resistance (very curly, type 8 hair) by 55.6% compared to untreated hair.

We needed someone to guide us through the entire process of proving product efficacy, someone who could suggest the proper tests and the best experimental conditions. Dia-Stron perfectly understood our requirements and fulfilled the assignment. They provided results for our primary claims and identified additional positive effects on the hair.

We are delighted with Dia-Stron’s services and have initiated new efficacy tests. We appreciate their willingness to meet our needs and will continue choosing Dia-Stron for our testing requirements.”

Silvia Moretti – R&D Technical Marketing Manager, Greengredients® Technical Centre

From left to right: Egiziano di Leo, Cristiano Ravetta, Silvia Moretti and Alessandra Bartoccini