• Single fibre torsion

The FTT950 enables the direct measurement of the torsional properties (force and modulus) and the subsequent stress relaxation of single fibres, as well as being fully automated for a high throughput and efficient workflow. Fibres are pre-tensioned to a set force and twisted by up to 360° against a micro-balance, directly measuring torsional properties. Perfect for measuring the impact of products on hair fibre cuticle layers and cortex matrix (e.g. oil treatments), and the impact of torsion as a mode of deformation of single fibres during the production of composite materials.

Key features:

  • Direct torsional modulus measurements
  • High sample throughput rate with the ALS1500
  • Fully compatible with the FDAS770 for combined dimensional measurements
  • Compact platform allows for system use within an environmental chamber

For more information on FTT950 applications, example data and references, please review or download the FTT950 brochure. Single fibre torsion testing is also available from our Contract Testing laboratory.