Delivering Measurement Solutions


Less legwork for you – improved accuracy & more usable results for your business

Do you have a study that needs conducting? It’s not always necessary to invest in your own testing equipment. For an easy and stress-free way to get results, trust Dia-Stron to conduct your studies with our contract testing laboratory.

Our dedicated hair testing laboratory is located at our Head Office in Andover, UK, and allows for entire studies – testing and analysis – to be performed in-house. We take pride in our ability to deal with studies of all sizes, on a short turnaround time, to get the best results from your samples. Simply send us your materials and we will deliver a full report, including any relevant statistical analysis, and detail any specific feedback you need to evaluate your products performance.

Our facility offers a wide array of testing methods and can subsequently cater for a variety of contract testing needs, on both natural and man-made fibres, to the highest globally-accepted standards. Whatever your business, we will do our best to meet your unique requirements.

Dia-Stron contract testing laboratory for hair fibre and technical fibre

Our testing laboratory is able to undertake the following study types:

  • Single Hair Fibres
  • Dimensional Analysis
  • Tensile Analysis
  • Swelling Analysis
  • Stress Relaxation Analysis
  • Cyclic Fatigue Analysis
  • Torsional Analysis
  • Fibre Bending Analysis


Hair Tress Testing / Claim Substantiation

  • Combing Analysis
  • Friction Analysis
  • Curl Compression Analysis
  • Three Point Bend Analysis
  • Volume Analysis
  • Tack Testing


Technical Fibres

  • Dimensional Analysis
  • Tensile Analysis
  • Other analysis depending on fibre properties*

*See single hair fibres


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Delivering Measurement Solutions