Our contract testing service provides an evidence-based claims support package, substantiating claims referring to the efficacy, benefits or improvements in hair attributes as a result of using your hair care products. Our measurement methods are based on peer-reviewed scientific publications, and can be adapted to suit all hair ethnicities.

Claim support:

Hair Tresses

  • Ease of combing/conditioning claims
  • Detangling claims
  • Manageability claims
  • Softness/suppleness claims
  • Curl retention claims
  • Combability after styling claims
  • Styling hold/flexibility claims
  • Long lasting claims

Single Hair Fibres

  • Anti breaking/strength claims
  • Thickening claims
  • Damage prevention/repair claims
  • Hydration/moisturising claims
  • Repeated grooming claims
  • Heat protection claims
  • Elasticity claims
  • Depilatory cream claims

What’s included in our contract testing service:

  • You can either send us hair samples pre-treated with your products/device, or send a sample of the product/device for us to treat high quality hair sourced by Dia-Stron.
  • We will test hair tresses/fibres in line with pre-agreed methodologies that fulfil your requirements.
  • You will receive a full test report including statistical analysis.
  • Our industry experts can also provide additional feedback to help you evaluate your product’s performance.

Whatever your needs, we can work with you to devise the most appropriate testing protocols for your requirements, including multiple treatments and heat damage. Our testing services are priced per group of samples, with prices varying according to the group quantity.

Prices are fully inclusive of: provision of hair fibres or tresses, sample mounting and consumables, treatment and/or damage and all testing requested.

Our timescales are extremely competitive, contact us today for a bespoke quotation and lead time!