• Single fibre fatigue
  • Single fibre tensile

The CYC802 measures the dynamic strength of hair fibres by subjecting them to repeated cyclic tensile deformations until failure, simulating repeated grooming. Up to four cyclic modules can be integrated on an automated platform, offering high-throughput testing using up to four 50-fibre linear cassettes in a Cassette Hotel. An ideal technique for evaluating the damage caused by treatments (such as heat or chemical damage), and for claims relating to “strengthening” or “damage protection/prevention”.

Key features:

  • High throughput, automated testing – up to 4 cyclic modules can be integrated on an automated platform
  • High capacity – 50 sample linear cassette and up to 4 cassettes in a cassette hotel
  • Multi-tasking allows for simultaneous measurement, reducing resting time

For more information on the CYC802 capabilities, testing methods and automation options please review or download the brochure, or see the automated system in action in our CYC802 video.

Example application information and data analysis can be found in our High Curl Type Hair Application Note.