• Dimensional measurements
  • Single fibre fatigue
  • Multi-module automation
  • Single fibre tensile

fibra.auto is Dia-Stron’s latest leap forward in automated sample handling and multi-measurement workflows. fibra.auto is a customisable platform to which single hair fibre dimensional, tensile, and cyclic fatigue testing modules can be added. It runs entirely through our intuitive, user-focussed software – fibra.

At the heart of fibra.auto is a proprietary* cartesian (3-axis) coordinate robot, accurately and reliably picking and placing samples, maximising reach within its internal dimensions, and without the need for compressed air. Up to 5 cassettes of prepared fibre samples can be loaded on the platform, enabling users to run 250 specimens without intervention. Automated workflows have numerous benefits, including maximised testing throughput, improved data quality, consistent specimen integrity and improved safety/ergonomics.

fibra.auto is designed to fit inside an environmental chamber, allowing for relative humidity and temperature control during testing. This provides both consistency and the ability to study the effects of different environmental conditions on the mechanical behaviour of hair fibres.

fibra auto – the new standard for automated hair fibre evaluation.

Key features:

    • High-throughput testing
    • Increased sample capacity – 250 fibres
    • Dimensional, tensile and cyclic fatigue
    • Proprietary motion technology*

Click here for more information on cyclic fatigue and fibra.stress, or for in-depth technical specifications please see our brochure page.

* Patent pending