• Single fibre tensile

The MTT690 is an automated tensile tester designed to measure the tensile properties of single hair fibres by stretching them to a specified percentage or to failure. The system is based on a circular sample cassette, which allows the automatic measurement up to 100 pre-mounted fibre samples in either a dry or wet state. Data gathered from tensile measurements can be used to support “strength”, “hydration” and “damage repair” claims.

Key features:

  • Automated operation and analysis
  • High-throughput with 100 sample rotary cassette
  • Additional wet testing capability available

For more information on the MTT690 capabilities, testing methods and automation options please review or download the brochure, or see the automated system in action in our Single Fibre Testing Journey video.

Example application information and data analysis can be found in our High Curl Type Hair Application Note.

The MTT690 is also available for rental and Contract Testing studies.