Internship at Dia-Stron

Artur Perovskii presenting his results to Dia-Stron staff at the end of his internship
At the end of 2021 we bid farewell to our intern Artur Perovskii, who joined us from MINES ParisTech in late August.

Working alongside our NPD and Applications teams, Artur has given further insight into the de-crimping analysis and image capture capabilities of Dia-Stron’s unique fibre.lex.decrimp and fibra. software. The new fibra.lex.decrimp is designed to measure the relatively low force region of the load-extension curve associated with the removal or ‘straightening’ of crimped fibres. This provides a deeper understanding of the mechanical properties of crimped hair, natural and textile fibres, and enables the analysis of the additional modes of damage on crimped fibres.

A more in-depth review of the fibra.lex.decrimp can be found here!

Thank you to Artur, who concluded his time with us with a company-wide presentation of his results and observations. We wish him the best of luck and look forward to seeing his research progress in the future!

We believe that internships at Dia-Stron help to build important relationships across the field of fibre research, bringing new ideas to the table and supporting the intern with their ongoing research projects. Our goal is to host another intern later this year, for more information or to express an interest please get in touch!