Delivering Measurement Solutions


Man-made technical fibres, such as carbon and glass, present unique challenges when measuring dimensional and mechanical properties. At Dia-Stron we constantly strive to design and manufacture the most effective testing systems for these technically challenging materials, in order to carry out efficient technical fibre testing. The mechanical characterisation of these fibres or filaments, especially in uniaxial tensile deformation, is routinely measured to understand and to predict the behaviour of composite parts.

Our unique approach to sample mounting allows a typically lengthy testing process to be dramatically reduced in terms of time and resources. We achieve this by utilising our bespoke tab design, which aligns and secures the sample using various UV curing adhesives. This unique approach allows samples to be mounted en masse and in advance of testing studies. Storage cassettes are loaded onto automated systems which reduce testing variability and human error.

Our systems are capable of measuring cross-sectional area and a variety of mechanical deformations, including dimensional, tensile, fatigue, bending and torsion.

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Delivering Measurement Solutions