Instrument focus: Dia-Stron with combing accessory

Combing measurements are a recognised standard across the haircare industry and provide invaluable information about the performance of hair products and ingredients. The data can be used to support product claims such as “ease of combing”, “manageability” or “detangling”.

But what makes Dia-Stron’s multi-functional tress testing instrument the go-to solution for your combing studies?

At Dia-Stron, we have designed the combing accessory with testing efficiency and user experience in mind! The accessory features tress hangers which can be pre-loaded for quick changing of samples (and re-wetting for wet testing), flexibility for a range of comb sizes and thicknesses, and a magnetic clamp plate to hold tresses within the comb during testing.

Coupled with Dia-Stron’s intuitive new software fibra., the really is the ideal instrument for generating globally-respected data to support your product, ingredient or appliance claims!