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Hair Tresses —  All-in-one Tress Testing Solution is a multi-functional tress testing instrument designed with the user in mind! showcases ergonomic design elements, integrated controls for a minimal footprint and our newly designed application-led software – fibra.



The instrument can be loaded with 3 accessories; combing, 3-point bend, and hair friction, expertly designed to make changing between samples and test methods quick and easy for the user, improving testing efficiency. brochure

Using the following measurement methods, enables you to generate globally-respected data to support your research and development objectives:

Combing –

The user-centric design of this accessory enables rapid tress mounting/dismounting (to change samples or re-wet samples during testing), flexibility for a range of comb sizes and thicknesses and a magnetic clamp plate to hold tresses within the comb during testing.

Combing measurements provide invaluable information about the conditioning performance of a product, and can be performed on both wet and dry tresses. Hair combing properties correlate well with consumer attributes e.g. “ease of combing”, “manageability” or “detangling”.

3-Point Bend –

This ergonomically designed accessory measures flexural properties of hair tresses, and is most commonly used for styling claims such as “hold”, “stiffness” or “feel” in the claims packages for styling polymers, hair gels and hair sprays. This can be used in the same vertical orientation as the combing accessory, reducing the time spent changing between accessories and testing methods.

Friction –

The friction accessory (used in the horizontal orientation) combines a rubber probe mimicking hand/skin compliance and texture properties, and a base plate with mechanism for secure and quick hair clamping. New design features include a detachable platen for rapid tress mounting/dismounting, simplified indexing of the probe position and an integrated auto-lift mechanism, removing the need for a compressed air supply.

Hair friction properties correlate well with consumer attributes such as “smoothness” or “surface damage” (heat, environmental, bleaching, repeated styling).

New accessories for curl compression, suppleness and single fibre dimensional/tensile measurements are also due for release later this year.

This multi-use capability makes the most cost-effective, innovative and efficient solution for all your hair tress testing needs.

Note: the MTT175 tress testing instrument will still be available to purchase until 1st December 2019, with service and maintenance support available for the life of the instrument. All accessories for the MTT175 will be available until further notice, however the volume and product tack/adhesion accessories will not be re-developed for the