Delivering Measurement Solutions


Fibres, tresses, tensile, bending, fatigue, torsion…

The personal care market covers all aspects of personal hygiene and beautification, particularly in terms of skin and hair care. At Dia-Stron we offer an invaluable resource to the industry: the ability to assess, in quantitative terms, the effects of  shampoos, conditioners and styling products. Our systems are able to provide accessible data, measured against globally-accepted parameters, to assess the effectiveness of your products.

Our instruments are capable of testing multiple aspects of hair performance, for both individual fibres and entire tresses. Our product range includes systems able to measure  dimensional, tensile, bending, torsional, tribological, adhesion, and fatigue analysis.

Whatever your business requirements, we can offer the appropriate instrument – standard or bespoke – to support you with accurate, relevant data. All of our instruments can be manufactured ready for full automation, dramatically reducing labour times whilst greatly increasing productivity levels. In addition, our cassette hotel can allow for 200 single fibre samples to be measured with no manual input. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

If you are interested in testing but do not wish to invest in an instrument at this time, Dia-Stron also offer contract testing: click here to find out more!

Delivering Measurement Solutions