FiBreMod Project at Dia-Stron

In June 2017, Dia-Stron was pleased to welcome twelve PhD students from the FiBreMod project to our headquarters in Andover, UK.

The project – Fibre Break Models for Designing novel composite microstructures and applications – aims to train researchers with strong backgrounds in both modelling and material testing, in order to design and utilise composites to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Dia-Stron’s work on technical fibre testing placed us as an ideal partner to offer our measurement expertise and further the important work of the project.

The day consisted of two halves. One session, led by technical director Steve Bucknell alongside lab manager Dan Stringer, involved demonstrations of our testing techniques, from sample mounting to tensile and dimensional data analysis. The second session covered in-depth explanations of the testing methods, led by sales and marketing director Yann Leray. Both were well-received by our visitors, as was the pub lunch that followed!

Dia-Stron is at the forefront of technological advances in the field of fibre testing, and it has been a pleasure to share our knowledge with the FibreMod project. We look forward to working further with these researchers and seeing their progress.

12 PhD students and Dia-Stron colleagues